Got Ink?

I have a lot of tattoos. My arms, hands, chest, and stomach are covered. If you’re counting, I’ve had 51 hours of tattoo work. Barely a beginning compared to the magnitude of work that could be done. Several tattoos are inspired by Linkin Park, including an outline of one of Chester’s wrist flames on my wrist. However, one of my favorite pieces comes from the Linkin Park music video Castle of Glass. At 3:40 into the video, there’s a worn and tattered baseball cap with frog bones on … Read more

Time to Tell My Story

There’s a sensitive topic I haven’t talked much about over the past three years. I cannot say it is a great topic to discuss, so I’ll be direct. On July 20, 2017, Chester Bennington, from the band Linkin Park, died by suicide. This event had a profound impact on me, as it did on millions of fans around the globe. Each story is unique, and I have decided to tell my own story. I graduated with a Master of Education degree in Youth Development Leadership from the University … Read more

Definition of Youth Development

Instilling a process of learning and understanding is a fundamental function of youth development. Joe Flower said, “we cannot really know who we will be when we come out the other side.” He found four phases of change-induced learning (1999): Unconscious incompetence: you don’t know what you don’t know. Conscious incompetence: you know what you don’t know. Conscious competence: you know that you know. Unconscious competence: you know without knowing. Now, this isn’t the first time I heard the of stages of competence. An old employer of mine … Read more

How to Talk Suicide

Introduction Suicide is a sensitive topic for many people. Suicide is the end of a person’s life by their own choosing. Commonly, people will ask why a person has committed suicide. That question goes unanswered all too often. The leading cause of suicide is clinical depression—unsurmountable sorrow and despair that leads to loss of hope and thoughts of ending your existence to escape the pain. When a suicide happens, many factors need to be considered before communicating the details to an organization. There exists many guidelines for media … Read more