Learning and Education

Critique: The Truman Show using Experience & Education

This paper was written for my Master of Education degree. It uses concepts from John Dewey’s book Experience & Education to critique the movie The Truman Show. Quotes from the John Dewey book are indented. A reflection of the movie based on that quote follows. Chapter 1: Traditional vs. Progressive Education Mankind likes to think in terms of extreme opposites. It is given to formulating its beliefs in terms of Eithers-Ors, between which it recognizes no intermediate possibilities. Truman cannot even fathom that the world around him is make … Read more

Riviera Theory of Youth Development

Riviera Theory of Youth Development:Aims, Strategies, Ethos, Activities and OutcomesDavid J. RivieraUniversity of MinnesotaJennifer A. Skuza, PhDYOST 5956 Organizational Approaches to Youth DevelopmentNovember 14, 2016 Abstract Youth development is the process of teaching the process of learning to growing youth. Parents bring children into a world, and hope the child is raised according to their traditions, and carry on their morality. However, youth will discover at some point that they have agency over their development path. When this realization creates conflicts between the world prepared for them, and … Read more